May 10, 2023, update: 

Williamson County neighbors: 


I hope you’re holding up OK. It’s been a while since my last update. Apologies. 


I’ll keep this brief. Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing gun-reform efforts in Tennessee and what you can do to help:   


[1] Mark your calendar: Governor Bill Lee called a special legislative session for August 21 to address public-safety (that is, gun) concerns. We’ll be there. You must be there too. Put in your requests for time off now to ensure you’re not busy. We have to come out big and let the General Assembly know that we’re tired of this madness. More details to come about our specific plans that day. 


[2] Write to Governor Lee. The state has set up a webpage where you can submit public comments ahead of the August 21 special session. Please take three minutes—seriously, just three minutes—and drop the governor a note. When you do, please express support for these measures:


—Extreme-risk protection order laws

—Safe storage laws

—Expanded background checks 


In your email, be sure to mention the county in which you live. 


[3] Call your local representatives. I know: you’ve already done this, and doing it again feels tedious. But it’s essential. Our lawmakers must know that we care about gun reform and that we’re only going to support candidates who value the lives of children and educators. And remind them: they work for us. This is our government.

Senator Jack Johnson: (615) 741-2495

Rep. Sam Whitson: (615) 741-1864

Senator Joey Hensley: (615) 741-3100

Senator Dawn White: (615) 741-6853

Rep. Jake McCalmon: (615) 741-4389

Rep. Gino Bulso: (615) 741-6808

Rep. Todd Warner: (615) 741-4170

(Here’s a district map if you don’t know who represents you.)

[4] Read this Twitter thread if you’re feeling exhausted, or overwhelmed, or hopeless. Lord knows I’ve felt all the above at different points over the past month. But we must step up and protect our children and educators and our other neighbors, even those who push back against our efforts. We have to fix this. No one else will. Our children demand it of us. We have to be the good guys.  

Final things: as always, please follow Voices for a Safer Tennessee for more frequent updates. The Southern Christian Coalition is also doing an excellent job of pushing for gun reform in Tennessee. Thank you for caring. God bless. Stay tuned for more details. —Jared Sullivan