We’re holding another rally on Tuesday, August 15th, at 5PM, at the Williamson County Public Library in Franklin (1314 Columbia Ave). Please join us!

Why are we meeting at the library on a random Tuesday evening? 

Great question. Ahead of the August 21st special session on public safety, Congressman Andy Ogles—aka the AR-15 Christmas-card guy—and Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson—who represents Williamson County and has led the charge to loosen Tennessee’s gun laws—have announced that they’ll make rare public appearances at the library for a meeting of a political-advocacy group. So we’re going to be there, too.

Poll after poll has shown that Williamson County voters overwhelmingly support gun-reform legislation. Yet Johnson and Ogles have refused to support any such measure. We plan to gather outside the library to take a public stand for peace, unity, and civic-mindedness—and to urge Johnson and Ogles to act in their constituents’ interest by supporting sensible gun reform. 

This rally is a nonpartisan event. Please invite anyone who believes that a few common-sense reforms—namely red-flag and safe-storage laws—would go a long way to ensure the safety of our children and of our fellow Tennesseans.

My name is Jared Sullivan. I was previously an editor for Field & Stream magazine, and I still love to hunt and fish and shoot. But I believe that we need thoughtful gun laws to ensure the safety of our children and of our fellow Tennesseans. My wife, Caroline, and I both grew up in Franklin and are doing much of the organizing behind Common-sense Tennessee, with help from our dear friends Lauren and Henry Martin. Feel free to contact me here, or by filling out the below form.